martes, 14 de junio de 2011

MAP theese days

I remember of one grate deal, an hallucination that was truth

Deep in touch, hard in sorrow, so real

But i just let skip off the great point of my life

Make up yourself guy, you're a big boy they say, and you here this and that

But you think: fuck, nonsense

I was a little asshole, and now im a little nothing screwed up in pain

Make your way, we'll drink for you, we will even say we got drunk

And i realised that we where all thinking the same, just: holly bloody fucking shit...

So conection was seriously damage by unknown powers that become by cerebral internal damage, due to age

And youth passes by as a holly storm that shake us and brake us, to leave us just where we where, an internal laps dream

And when we get lost...

And when you said such great thinks that touched my soul, and now we've changed because you say bla bla to my kind reflective jokes

And i say, fuck again and i say, come on, the greatest thing is that life is much more deeper than films,

Pitty i can only, sometimes cry with films

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